Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bona fide!

We got a text the other day from a good friend who we went to college with. He had been fishing in "the middle of nowhere" Maine, and stumbled upon this beauty:
Now, let me say that the first thing that comes to mind is don't be an asshole and litter. No matter how refined your cider pallet is, or how beautiful that trash might be, you're not above recycling. Don't dump crap all over the woods, that's not a cool thing to do.

Aside from a deep lack of judgement, how crazy is that!? We don't exactly do Bud/Coors volume. What are the odds that our buddy up in the woods in Maine just stumbles upon this? Probably about the same as the odds of Lloyd Christmas ending up with Mary Swanson.

Anyway, I can only assume that Stefan took that can, crushed it, put it in his fishing fanny pack, brought it to a redemption center, collected his 5 cents, and donated it to the environmental charity of his choice. And for that assumed outcome, we thank you Stefan. You're a solid guy.


  1. if you look at jim carrey's wiki page... you'll notice the spouse name lauren holly... who is mary swanson.... so thats not gonna work...

    love shane

  2. I thought her name was Samsonite?


    1. ooohhh Samsonite! I was way off